Monday, March 01, 2021

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Why Women Should Consider Smoking Weed for Recreation

While smoking weed has been deemed a male recreation activity, it is becoming popular among women. You will find both men and women on i49 trying to find some quality weed for themselves. More women are coming out as proud weed smokers and loving the experience. The good thing is that as they are enjoying it as […]

All About Cellular Respiration

All About Cellular Respiration

What is Cellular Respiration? Have you ever wondered, how do we derive energy from the foods we eat? Cellular respiration is one such process by which organisms utilise oxygen and chemical energy present in the nutrients to produce energy to carry out various metabolic processes and cellular activities. It is a catabolic process occurring in […]

Entertainment News

Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash is best racing game

Another quarter in the fiscal year, and another powerhouse Nintendo released. Just this past month, Nintendo unleashed Mario Kart Double Dash for the struggling Wii. With sharp visuals, tight gameplay and an impressive coat of polish, could this be the system seller. Nintendo has been looking for since the launch of the system? Not only […]

Gaming Personalities

Types of Different Gaming Personalities in Rcade Gaming Community

Whenever you play with a game with a stranger, you can get to about him/her the way they play. Yes, you heard us, right! Rcade gaming community has a wide variety Want to promote your game like a pro? Then what are you waiting for, download Rcade Application for maximum exposure, discoverability, and an edge […]


Couchtuner Alternatives | Similar Sites For Streaming and Movies Online

CouchTuner is one of the popular websites which allows you to watch any TV shows and movies right from your couch. This website uses your internet connection to achieve this. While there are many movie streaming services out there like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc, many of them are paid. Thankfully, websites like CouchTuner allows […]


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Why You Should Depend Upon The VPS Hosting Plans From The House Of Hosting Raja?

Why You Should Depend Upon The VPS Hosting Plans From The House Of Hosting Raja?

 The VPS hosting plans from the house of Hosting Raja comes with an immense number of advantages for the business organisations because everything is hosted on to the data centre. The virtual private server is considered to be the best possible way of utilising the resources of the organisation and ensuring their performance will always be top-notch […]

Purchasing A Used Car In UAE

Tips To Consider If You Are Purchasing A Used Car In UAE

The moment you have embarked on a journey to buy car in Sharjah comes the mental hurdle. In fact there are hundreds of cars in the market that enables you to save valuable bucks in the process. Most of the expats do consider it as an essential form of purchase and hence upgrade it. Hence […]