best dishes you must eat in Bangalore

Ten best dishes you must eat in Bangalore


Bangaloreans are essentially foodies. Once you sleep in a city whose name virtually interprets to ‘Town of Beans’ you’ve ought to love food! Therefore once you’re within the Garden town and feeling peckish, here’s a listing of the simplest native snacks.

Idli Dip Sambhar

Items like idlis and dosas area unit way too obvious however one exception would be Idli Dip Sambhar, only for being therefore Bangalore. 2 steaming hot, soft idlis (and typically a vada) soused in an exceedingly deep flying saucer-like bowl of piping hot, spicy-sweet and emotional sambhar, this might sound virtually sadistic, however you haven’t extremely enjoyed idlis till you’ve sunken them.

Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisi Bele Bhath virtually interprets to ‘Hot dekalitre Rice’ (the name alone ought to invoke in you a heat cherish uptake mom’s do-it-yourself daal chawal). The dish options daal, rice and vegetables homogenized along sort of a khichdi, and served with boondi, namkeen or typically potato chips. It’s nutrient at its best. Belch is inspired.

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is north India’s immortal favorite dish which is loved and praised by every Chinese dish lover throughout the north India. These bite-sized snacks area unit utterly greasy and spicy, with garlic and inexperienced chilies giving it its signature dragon-breath after burn.

Bun Nippat

Bangalore may be a town of innovators, therefore naturally they need they own innovative signature chaat. Bread Nippat may be an easy thought, a crisp, fried masala nippat is placed within the heat reach of recent bread, alongside shredded onions, cheese and a secret sauce that can’t be disclosed to non-Bangaloreans! Try this with a bottle of masala coke, and you’ll be transported to pure chatpata paradise.


Bring your eyeballs back off from your craniums Delhiites, everybody is aware of your Momus area unit the simplest factor since duplicate light sabers. However, the Bangalore Momus has extremely acquired their own recently. Bangalore Momus area unit smaller than those found within the north, the crust softer and therefore the sauces area unit loads additional front-of-the-tongue spicy than back.


While their prevalence in most different major Indian cities is sort of rare (most obvious pun ever), the Bangalore restaurant business has been going from strength to strength. Province state permits the slaughter of bulls on top of the age of twelve, or the import and serving of cow beef. Most steakhouses area unit of top of the range and serve the choicest cuts, however only a few of them get their rare and medium rare right. On the other hand} again, most cut of meat lovers here don’t care.

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Craft Burgers

It simply gets higher and higher for meat lovers in Bangalore, due to the booming craft burger scene within the town. Miles before fast-food burgers in each attainable manner (other than affordability), these handcrafted burgers (patties area unit product of beef ground within the kitchens) area unit being vociferously demanded. The range of designs, ingredients and tastes accessible area unit wonderful, and there’s no manner that only one burger will total up your expertise.

Gourmet Pizzas

When Bangaloreans need a slice of heaven (aka pizza), a sequence joint like Domino’s is that the absolute pis aller. Bangalore is currently home to many delicious gourmand dish restaurants that cater to diners’ want for swish and low-cost, at the same time.

Cold Stone frozen dessert

And let’s not forget sweet. The most important sweet-tooth cravings in recent times are for cold stone ice creams. once you order, you’re inspired to observe because the frozen dessert craftsman places your frozen dessert on a block of cold stone and pounds, smashes and mixes away till it turns into a smooth-textured and superbly mixed frozen dessert ice-cream sundae, served in an exceedingly waffle bowl.

Special Mentions

These dishes get special mention as a result of {they area unit they’re} dishes created celebrated by one edifice and are real must-tries further.

  • Mutton Leg Biryani (Laham Mandi) at Taa’am, Queen’s Road
  • Tender Coconut Chicken Kabab at Ujwal Bar, Vasanthnagar (spicy chicken kabab served within a young coconut)
  • Davanagere sesame (Butter) Dosas at Sri Guru Kotteshwara, Basavanagudi
  • Death By Chocolate at Corner House, multiple branches.

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