career in investment banking

Is pursuing a career in investment banking worth it?

For a long time, a career in finance has been thought to be a progressive career. Evidence suggests – declining revenues across investment banks and growing appeal of jobs in tech – are pushing potential candidates away from finance. “Yes, the overall industry will decline. It won’t go away, but it’s less appealing than it […]

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Cell Phone Spy App

How to Monitor Staff and Workers Remotely with Cell Phone Spy App

Do you monitor your workforce during duty hours? If not, you are letting them to kill their working hours getting engaged in unproductive activities. The entrepreneurs around the world keep their workers under supervision to track, manage and boost their productivity keeping them from unnecessary doings. The most advanced tool to supervise workers’ activities inside […]

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Memorable Godh Bharai or Baby Shower

5 Unique Ideas to Have a Memorable Godh Bharai or Baby Shower

Godh Bharai is the Indian name for Baby Shower and is an auspicious event that is celebrated during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It is among the most awaited events in an Indian Hindu family. “Godh Bharai”, the phrase, literally stands for filling up the lap of a would-be mother with abundance. The occasion […]

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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant: All the information you need to have

A hair transplant is a process in which a bald person is transplanted with hair follicles. A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery. Hence, there are no insurance companies that help you with financial support in this surgery. Having a hair transplant is a very big decision. So, before going for a hair transplant, you […]

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