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Best Ways to Purify Water


All of us cannot stress on the fact on how water is important for our lives. In fact it is because of this solvent human beings exist in life. Close to 70 % of the surface of the earth consists of water but a major chunk is not even fit for human consumption. As part of your daily routine drinking water is to be purified. How your overall health evolves depends upon the quality of water. For individuals who fail to churn in the desired levels of water suffer from fatigue, kidney stones, hydration etc.

The main reasons why you need to purify water?

By now you might be aware of the health benefits of drinking pure water and you need to be spot on with the right time to drink water. At the same time it is not advisable to consume water from any random source available. The source determines the quality of the water and the impact it can have on your health. In fact most of the tap water that is available in India is not even fit for human consumption.

In a country like India millions of people suffer from water borne diseases. The worst part is that there is lack of proper planning and treatment of drinking water leaving you with limited choices and this is to use water purification system at our homes. Even the would provide you with advice about any problems encountered during operation of the devices.

The water could look clean from outside, but from the interiors it could be a source of harmful impurities. The impurities can go on to make you seriously ill. For this reason we need to drink purified water. The best way to drink purified water is to install a water purification system at your home. In addition to this there are several alternatives for drinking purified water as follows

Mechanisms to obtain pure drinking water

To purify the water that you need for drinking involves a lot of hassles and let us explore the ways to achieve this


This ceases to be the simplest and effective method that you can adopt. If you are home and rely on tap water for drinking or cooking, do not forget to boil the water at high temperature. Boiling is going to kill the bacteria and parasites that are present in water. This might sound easy as you do not forget to boil the water before you are planning to drink.


Liquid chlorine concentration can be used to treat water before consuming. You need to be aware that the concentration of chlorine should be used in right quantities with water. It is never going to exceed the quantity of water that you need to treat. One of the major loopholes of this method is that it is going to leave behind a pungent smell or a bitter taste


This appears to be one of the best ways to obtain purified water. In fact this method evolves a combination of physical and even chemical processes and ensures that the water is safe for human consumption. By filtration the harmful and dangerous components that are present in water are removed.


This is a method where water is being boiled at a low boiling point and when it vaporizes collecting it in pure form. You connect the vapour on to a condenser, and then the water is collected for drinking purposes. This might sound out to be a genuine process, but the method is really slow from a purification point of view. The bacteria and germs are treated but this seems to be a costly method.

Water purifiers

All of us would be aware of water purifiers since it is part of every Indian modern household. The use of the right water purifier could have an impact on your health. There are a host of water purifiers in the market and you need to opt for one that suits the need of your home.

Filtration by the method of clay vessels

In India and various parts of the world, clay vessels are considered an ideal mechanism to filter and store the water. The container needs to purify the muddy water. The beauty of these vessels is that they bring out the purity of drinking water.

Reverse osmosis

In the days gone by Reverse osmosis or RV was mostly used for commercial or industrial purposes. But of late RO has gone on to become one of the most common purification methods being put to use in Indian households. Basically this is a procedure where water passes through a semi permeable membrane so that impurities present in water can be removed.

Tablets of water purification

The major components of water purification systems are iodine or even chlorine dioxide. They are known to kill a variety of bacteria and micro- organisms present in water. Just you need to leave it on for 30 minutes in order to purify the water. Still the seal of these tablets can leave an unpleasant taste of water. Coupled with the fact they might not be entirely successful in removing the chemical impurities that are present in water. Yes to a large extent it is a 100 % successful method that can be put to use in order to obtain purified water.

Solar distillation

This is a form of distilling where solar rays are used to heat the water. Since the water is known to evaporate because of heat, the pure form of water is collected and this is being put to sue for human consumption.

From the above discussion there could be a series of methods that might be obsolete and some may not be even practical. But you can still go on to use them when no form of practical solution is available. If an access to a modern day water purifier exists there does not seem to be a better solution. Still if you think that the tap or ground water is fit for consumption has a serious thought as you are putting your family at risk.

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