Everything You Need To Know About Sew in Hair and Weaves


As the folklore goes, for more than 5,000 years, weaves in hair have been bringing gorgeous, thick locks to women everywhere. If done well, a sew-in hair, the pattern adds a lustrous, ultra-feminine glamour. Getting a design right from the start is essential to create a look that says relaxed-but-still-put-together seemingly sophisticated yet chic.

Yet, it is the time to wrap one’s heads around the sew-in weave. It is rather vital to talk about extensions, textures, hair options, styles, and price tags. Ultimately all of these things are everything that goes into how to choose and maintain a design.

As the definitions would have it, the sew-in weave is an artificial or natural hair extension. It is fixed into human hair through the hand-labored process of sewing, gluing, or even clipping.

Quite often said that weaves originated in Egypt around 3400 BC. At that very time, people dyed human hair or sheep wool, which was, in turn, attached to their heads using something like a mixed glue of resin or beeswax. Often called out, that Cleopatra, noted in the ancient world for her peacock blue sew-in weave, a look that is still aspired and looked out for till this date.

Today, sew in hair is one of the essential hair extension types which were once only popular among black women. Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which, removed daily, weaves are meant to last for several weeks. Design is not a wig. Rather than covering hair as a wig certainly does, a pattern is sewn directly into natural hair, accentuating and beautifying it.

So what is that which exactly goes into this sew-in hair?

Often these popular textures for black women, inclusive of Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, and Eurasian countries. As noticed in daily societal ways, Peruvian tends to be lightweight, and Indian is thick, a contrast that plays in favor of both the regional beauties. Similarly, Malaysian is known for being soft; on the other hand, Eurasian makes a relaxed style. And Brazilian? Well, indeed often recognized for being fabulous, loud, and highly wild mane, easily detectable.

Despite these few names, most natural hairs are possessed by Indian, Chinese, or a blend of the two as well. To make the hair appear Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian, technicians have processed Indian or Chinese hair.

Thereby, in fear of being biased, of all the options, Indian hair is probably best; beautiful, dark, and tends to blend well with African American hair, something that is a con with another type of locks, or a classy and fashionable look, always go with virgin human hair.

Human hair is precisely that, hair contributed by a human donor, thus making it a ‘humane’ concept. It is always soft, feels great, and can easily match your hair color and texture with the least possible efforts. Human hair has more styling options, mainly when using heat, a significant advantage for many. For instance, once can wash, dye, and blow dry human hair without fear. One can even afford to flat iron it. Yet, human hair tends toward the pricey side, but as seen with most beauty products, one certainly gets the quality one bargains.

Thus, synthetic hair doesn’t tolerate heat well, although its newer forms allow some low-temperature heat. Yet, it’s plastic and can melt under intense heat treatment pretty quickly. Often pre-styled, synthetic hair is indeed the right choice for anyone who wants to take it out of the box for any go-to party. Holds its shape even on muggy, rainy, or hot days without generating a bad hair day. Unfortunately, Synthetic hair won’t last as long and tends to get matted or tangled, but you can buy more of it because it’s usually a fraction of the price of human hair.

If you’re buying packs, two packs will be more than enough. For a fuller look, three boxes, recommended, although you may not end up using it all.

If you’re buying bundles, on average, 3 packages should do, but you may use 2 – 4, depends on fullness and length as well. Generally, for the likes of long or full hair, four bundles are usually pretty good. Thereby for a partial install, short hair, or a sleek (not complete) look, you could probably get away with two packages. Still, when in doubt, go for the magic number, 3 (or get more than you need if you can afford it). Packages have to be purchased by the ounce, typically 3.5 ounces.

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