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If there is no standard solution available the Studier Audio System Components will do the job. A wide range of various Parts for Audio System for any kind of application makes it possible to build unique solutions for special requirements. Either use the boards yourself or give an order to Studier to present a solution to your problem. The circuitry design and the building quality are of a very high level. Working with audio means working with sound systems. Naturally, the range of systems available for various applications is enormous.

Setting up sound systems is often a frightening task for those that are unfamiliar audio instrumentality. Even connecting home stereos are often hard for beginners. Before you recognize it, you’ll be a pro at setting up your sound system and troubleshooting some common problems.

There were some Parts for Audio System:-


The mike is that the initial part of most any public address, or PA, system. Technically speaking it’s a “transducer”, that is simply a flowery name for one thing that takes one variety of energy and converts it to a different. In the case of a mike, acoustic energy (sound pressure) is converted to electrical energy (a voltage).


Mixers permit multiple sound sources to be alloyed along so that they are often vie out of identical loudspeakers. Mixers vary from single input styles to terribly massive elaborate mixture consoles and desks with many inputs. Sound sources like MP3 players and laptops are often blocked directly into the inputs while not a mike once background music or supplemental audio is required.


The amplifier is that the next a part of the chain. Amplifiers, or amps, electronically increase the extent of the initial sound supply. Sometimes mixers associate with constitutional amps, which simplify the setup process for the user. If the amp isn’t constitutional, separate cables are required to transmit the signal from the mixer to the amplifier. All-in-one designs are called “powered mixers”.


Loudspeakers are the ultimate piece of the general public address system and reproduce the amplified sound. Think of the loudspeaker system because the opposite of a mike. Although they’re each transducers, the loudspeaker converts an electrical signal, or voltage, back to acoustic energy. Most importantly, the reproduced sound is much louder than the original source. Check your specific model for details on the way to connect it. In rare cases, special adapters are required to run the signal from the amplifier to the loudspeakers.

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