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Do it Yourself or Hire a Plumber for Bathroom Installation

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Do you want to fit a new bathroom on your own? If yes, then it actually requires in-depth knowledge of the installation process for using the right materials and sufficient time needed to complete the work. Many people decide to do bathroom plumbing on a DIY basis while others prefer to take help of a professional for getting it done easily. But which is the right option for your case? Read on to know where you can install the bathroom on your own or need to hire a reliable plumber.

Do it Yourself Method

There are various reasons why fitting a bathroom on a DIY basis is definitely a good idea. The first and most important thing is they can save a lot of money that would otherwise, go in hiring a plumber. When you decide to carry out the work, it is important know about different stages of installation, materials needed for repair or new installation and the costs associated with the work.

You can remove old tiles and sanitary ware without hiring a professional. Certain plumbing jobs like connecting pipes can be done easily by most DIYers like the kind of tiles you have chosen. If you want to replace an old bathroom, keeping new sanitary ware in the same position will avoid unnecessary plumbing works.

Hire a Professional Plumber

The professional plumbers who are involved into fitting a new bathroom might also include a plumber, tiler and electrician. It is advised to hire a good plumber who possesses thorough knowledge and necessary skills for bathroom installation in the UK. They also know what need to be done during unexpected circumstances.

Bathroom renovations need to comply with Building Regulations and any plumber should be aware of the considerations to be taken related to ventilation, lighting, plumbing and draining. Of course, everything does not run smoothly all the time on bathroom projects, even with skilled professionals.

Both DIY and professional help

The most appropriate solution is to combine DIY approach with professional help. Though you might feel comfortable to remove old bathroom and carry out the decoration and tiling, you will feel to leave complicated wiring or plumbing work to the professionals.

Costs associated with DIY and professional approach

The cost for bathroom installation might vary when you do it yourself than hiring a professional for the work.

Do it Yourself


  • Save money on labor costs
  • Change your mind without affecting any cost
  • You can do the work according to your convenient time


  • Take long time than it would for hiring a professional
  • Cost you more in case you make any mistake
  • Expensive materials might go in waste if mistakes are made
  • Follow Building Regulations before starting the work

Professional Plumber


  • Entire work will be completely much quickly
  • Plumbers know what to do in case any problems arise
  • Give advice and stick to the Building Regulations


  • The project might cost you more than expected
  • You may need to wait for sometime before starting the work in case you cannot find a reliable plumber or bathroom fitter

What is involved in the procedure?

The process for installing a new bathroom depends on whether you need to begin from the scratch or replace an old bathroom. Some jobs that always need to be carried out are the following:

  • Remove basin, pedestal, old bathroom and tiles
  • Remove old or leaky pipes
  • Plan new supply for pipe routes
  • Remove radiators and old heaters
  • Check the condition of present wiring
  • Fit new brassware and tiling
  • Decoration and lighting

These are necessary steps for fitting a bathroom either on your own or by hiring a professional plumber. You may get in touch with our reliable plumbers at 4D Heating and Plumbing who know their work well and can carry out all kinds of plumbing problems in the most efficient way.

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