Marijuana Seeds for High Yields

A Guide to Choosing Marijuana Seeds for High Yields

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Are you looking forward to growing marijuana or cannabis seeds this year? Well, there is a lot you should know about farming marijuana. There is a vast and growing market demand for CBD, recreational, and medical marijuana, which means you will likely gain more when you invest big in weed farming. However, what determines your success in this venture is the right selection of marijuana seedlings.

Should you go for feminized seed from i49 when you think of growing marijuana? Is it advisable to go for regular, auto-flowering, Sativa or Indica seeds when you’re starting your farming? This article uncovers the hidden tips you should follow when choosing marijuana seeds the right way.

Where and how to grow?

The first tip is to narrow down your choices of the best marijuana seeds. Find out how you intend to grow the feminized seeds and where exactly you want to farm. Will you be growing the weed outdoors or indoors? There are different seeds grouped for indoor and outdoor farming. Additionally, the amount of space you have allocated for farming cannabis seeds will also determine the type of seeds you choose.

You should also ask yourself if you have any experience handling, growing, and training cannabis seedlings. Hybrid seeds require intensive care for quality yields, while regular seeds are a bit easy to handle. Your level of experience in handling seedlings is enough to help you choose the best seeds to grow.

What are you looking for in a strain?

Before choosing a seed type, you should prepare a list of what features you want. Are you looking for a strain to help you fight some symptoms like mould growth and excessive flowering? Do you prefer spicy or some danker weed species?

You can have your own list of what you prefer most in a strain before you walk into any seedling shop in your state. Always know what you are looking for in seed before you place your order.

Check out the seed description. 

Choosing the best cannabis seedling for the first time is not going to be easy for you. That is why you should always shop from the most reputable seed company in your region.

A company with an excellent reputation like  i49 will always provide detailed information on all cannabis seeds on their shelves so that you make the right choices. Find out how the seed you are about to purchase is grown and how much yield you should expect and how long it takes to mature and harvest.

Choose between Indica and Sativa seeds.

You can buy different varieties of marijuana seeds, such as Indica, Sativa, high THC, hybrid, well-being, and classic seeds. However, Sativa and Indica seeds are the most popular types. That means you are likely to be torn between choosing Indica or Sativa seeds when growing weed for the first time.

Sativa marijuana seeds are usually grown in equatorial, tropical, and subtropical areas. They are popular in Colombia, Thailand, and Africa. Additionally, the seed variety produces thin, long, and narrow leaflets with some jagged edges. They grow fast and produce plants with spicy and colossal effect. However, a growing Sativa seed is not going to be that easy. That’s why you should have some prior expertise before you can select this type of seeds.

Alternatively, you can also choose Indica seeds for farming in places with temperatures between 20-40 degrees Centigrade. Indica seeds are mainly grown in areas within the Tropic of Cancer. They produce wide, large, and dark green leaflets. Although they grow slowly compared to Sativa, they are the best seeds for making hashish or medicinal marijuana.

Recreational or medicinal marijuana 

Today, most people are not consuming marijuana for its feel-good experience but medical reasons. This is probably the reason there is a high demand for weed and CBD products in most states.

Most people use cannabis and marijuana products to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and treat insomnia. Therefore, when choosing medicinal marijuana, the kind of aliment you intend to soothe plays a critical role. There are varieties of marijuana perfect for relieving pain, relaxing the brain, and curing anxiety in adults. The reason is different varieties of marijuana have different THC and CBD.

Medicinal marijuana should have a higher proportion of CBD and a little THC. Therefore, before choosing your marijuana seeds, you should establish whether you target the recreational or medical market.

You can go for hybrid, Sativa, or some potent Indica with high THC levels for recreational weeds. A medicinal weed should have low THC and dominant level of CBD. You can ask your seed company for the best recreational and medicinal marijuana seeds they have in store.

What about your climate zone?

When choosing the best weed seeds, you should beware of your climate zone. Not every marijuana seed can grow in your zone, and that means you should shop on seeds that are only resilient to your location.

For instance, if you are doing outdoor farming in northern Europe, you can opt for weed strains that are more resilient to heavy rain and cold. Most strains of weed will do perfectly well in a cold and rainy environment. It means you can always harvest your weed before any mould catches it.

Final Thoughts 

When choosing the type of weed seed to grow, you have to consider the factors listed here. Ensure you check if the seed will do well in your climate zone before you place your order. Look into the seed’s details to ensure it has the right genetics, germination rates, and overall quality. Price should come last when choosing marijuana seeds. Most high-quality seeds are the most expensive you can get in any seed company.

You also want to know all the specifications for growing the seeds like land cultivation before buying them. Always purchase marijuana seeds from a reputable seed company. This way, you can avoid all the drama of getting bad seeds for your farm.

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