Bridging Visa E Subclass 050_051 – A Perfect Solution

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This bridging visa 050 allows the applicant to stay in Australia legally. This visa is a temporary visa. When the application of a protection visa is under processing this bridging visa e permit the applicant, they can stay legally in Australia.

Purpose of bridging visa

The primary purpose of this bridging visa e subclass 050 is mentioned below:

  • If the authority refused their immigration clearance with this visa, they could be eligible for applying this bridging visa e within 45 days.
  • The applicant is under immigration detention.
  • If the application of a protection visa is refused, the applicant can apply for judicial review.
  • The applicant has to fulfill many other requirements which are relation age, health and further BVE.

Types of bridging visa 050

There are two types of bridging visa bridging general visa subclass 050, and another one is bridging protection visa subclass 051.

bridging general visa subclass 050 – if the applicant is currently unlawful citizen, they must hold this bridging general visa subclass 050.

bridging protection visa subclass 051-  when their application of the protection visa is being processed, with this visa they can legally remain in Australia.

Eligibility criteria of bridging visa 050

  • Any age of a person can apply for this bridging visa e
  • It is essential for the applicant has to refused by the immigration clearance.
  • The applicant has to apply for a protection visa.
  • They have to under immigration detention.
  • The applicant has to meet the specific requirements such as health and character, which is an integral part of eligibility criteria.

Stay time with bridging visa.

 The date which is specified on the visa is the validity of the visa till that date or for a specified period. The applicant’s bridging visa is ending if they leave Australia, if the visa authority grand their substantive visa and if the bridging visa for the applicant is cancelled. The applicant is not allowed to stay in Australia by extending their bridging visa e 050

Including family member

 The candidate can nominate their family members in their application. In their application process, there are no charges applicable for the use. The family members also included dependent children in their form. Every family member who is applying for this visa they have to fulfil their health and character requirement, which is essential for the use.

Process of the application

 The applicant completes their whole process of applying bridging visa e through online.

  • The document which is essential for the application the applicant has to submit all the vital records.
  • At the time of application, the applicant must stay in Australia.
  • The applicant can include their family members in their visa application.
  • When the applicant included their family members, they need to stay in Australia.

Processing time of the bridging visa application

 In this visa application, there is no processing time available for the bridging visa e subclass 050.

 If the processing time of the applicant takes longer, the primary reason is:

  • The applicant does not fill the visa application form correctly.
  • The document which is essential for the application they do not attach incorrectly.
  • If the visa authority needed more information which is not included with the application.
  • In many cases, the authority takes more time to verify all the information.

Cost of the application

There is no cost available for visa application. The family member of the applicant does not pay any fees for their visa application, police verification and the biometrics.

 The obligation of the bridging visa e

 The applicant and their family members have to maintain their visa obligation, which is discussed below:

  • They have to follow all the Australian rules, which is essential for the visa.
  • It is necessary for them; they have to follow all the conditions, rules and regulations.
  • At the time of processing the applicant visa or granted their permission, the applicant has to stay in Australia.

Travel limitation of the visa

If the applicant leaves Australia for any reason they cannot allow returning to Australia. When the applicant goes to Australia, the visa authority immediately cancelled the visa of the applicant. If the power allows any substantive visa, then they can elect to return to Australia. This substantive visa can be any visa not only bridging visa, but enforcement visa or criminal justice visa can also be a substantive visa.

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This temporary bridging visa e050 allows the applicant to stay in Australia on a legal basis. If any applicant refused their application of protection visa, this visa helps the applicant to remain Australia. This visa digitally links with the passport of the applicant, so they cannot get any label on their passport.

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