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Benefits of using almond oil


Almonds are always said to be nutritional powerhouses. They contain a lot of fiber, useful fats, vitamins and minerals. They are mostly grown in the Middle East and it is said that California produces the largest amount of almonds in the entire world.

Most people are inclined to have almonds these days because they have become aware of their immense health benefits. They are really beneficial for heart health as well.

One can also buy roghan badam oil online and use it on a daily basis because it is a sweet almond oil and it has a lot of health and skin benefits. Before using it one must know what exactly almond oil is. It is said that half of almond’s weight is oil. One can take ripe almonds and press it so that it can extract oil and that too with minimal heat. It is an unrefined almond oil which protects the nutrients and also keeps the flavor of the oil intact. The refined almond oil is very much heat tolerant and hence it has a lot of nutritional values. There are 2 kinds of almond oil. One is the sweet almond oil and the other is the bitter almond oil.

The bitter oil is made from various varieties of almonds and they are refined in a way so that it can remove toxins which are naturally present in it.

Here are some major general benefits of almond oil:

  • It is full of Vitamin E and this is a great source of copper and magnesium. It is an anti oxidant rich oil and so it can easily fight the free radicals. It not only boosts immunity but is also anti inflammatory.
  • They are rich with omega 3 fatty acids and hence it can maintain the healthy level of cholesterols. This can also improve the memory. It can also lower the risk of heart and cancer disease.
  • They are best to soother the skin and also to treat minor cuts and wounds. They are in use for centuries and even in Ayurveda they are said to cure skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. They can soothe the dry skin and improve the skin tone as well.
  • This oil is full of Vitamin A and it is anti bacterial and hence it can be used to treat acne problems as well. They have a good concentration of Vitamin E and so it can heal sun damage and can also fade scars.
  • This oil can get soaked very easily and it is also a very powerful moisturizer. One can use them both on the face and the body. This is also a great massage oil which can be used for skin treatment.
  • One can also use badam rogan for hair fall because they can not only soften but strengthen the hair oil as well. It is rich in Vitamin B 7 and so it makes the hair very strong.

Apart from all these one can use almond oil for healthy cooking as well which can keep the heart well.

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