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A Solid Guide to Choose the Right Hair Growth Shampoo


Hair growth is often the primary problem of many individuals all over the world. It is due to an unhealthy diet, unhygienic lifestyle and so on. There isn’t a particular reason as to why hair growth might be stagnant for many. But then if you are looking to grow your hair, there are many shampoos that can help you do so.

While several shampoos guarantee your hair growth, the conditions given below are the ones on which you should choose your shampoo. Such that it can help inadequate hair growth and eliminate the factor stopping hair growth in the first place.

Hair and scalp type.

The first and foremost step in finding out the perfect hair growth shampoo is to determine the type of hair and scalp you have. Trying any shampoo without knowing the weather is dry or oily could result in further hair fall. Hence, it’s advised that you determine the type of hair that you have and what is suitable for it to have an impact on the correct shampoo.

Nourishment, and moisturization.

Moisturization and nourishment is a must before you go out for a proper shampoo that helps in hair growth. Checking out the ingredients going into a shampoo is essential. Shea butter, egg proteins, glycerin, soy milk are suitable for your hair that helps in hair growth.

Such that find shampoos that comprise of such elements. Well, not all shampoos might consist of all of these elements. It’s advised that you find out shampoos that have few of these ingredients such that hair growth can be possible.

The below-given pointers are for the type of hair that you might have. Such that choose the shampoo accordingly.

For Oily hair.

For oily hair, hair growth shampoo must and should comprise of ingredients that help in increasing the strength of the hair. Along with strength, PH balance also must and should be maintained. It’s to ensure that the hair is balanced correctly and there is no imbalance in nutrients. Also, oily hair can be washed off with any shampoo and give a subtle shine and glow. But then if your shampoo is harsh, losing hair is evident.

For normal hair.

If you have healthy hair and don’t comprise any dryness issues, but even then, you have a hair growth problem, then it might be due to scalp irritations and would be recommended to use a medicated shampoo that comprises of teat tree oils. Several brands provide a variety of products from tea tree oils. They would work wonders on your hair and work as an excellent hair growth shampoo. Also, using any shampoo of your choice would do justice but in limited quantity.

For dry hair.

For dry hair, the shampoo that should be of your choice is the one that adds on moisture. Thus, shampoo’s that comprise of a lot of chemicals aren’t prescribed for you. Check-in with brands that provide a natural take on adding moisture to your hair. Such that you can have a shine and thickness to your hair.

For curly hair.

To maintain curly hair for a more extended period is the hardest. Not because there are no shampoos, but keeping curls natural is a hard job indeed. You will have to pick the right shampoo to maintain them, or else the curls wouldn’t stay and would fade away through hair fall. Thus, choose a shampoo that comprises of high protein and significantly made to ensure that it helps in root conditioning and moisturizing to enable a proper treatment to fight hair fall.

Thus, the above-given conditions are the ones that you must and should look after if you are after a hair growth shampoo. Do ensure to check what the shampoo has to provide to your hair before purchasing. Keep a habit of using shampoo’s at least twice a week based on the condition of your hair. With many shampoos available, carry out thorough research and see what suits you the best.

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