Why Women Should Consider Smoking Weed for Recreation


While smoking weed has been deemed a male recreation activity, it is becoming popular among women. You will find both men and women on i49 trying to find some quality weed for themselves. More women are coming out as proud weed smokers and loving the experience.

The good thing is that as they are enjoying it as a recreational product, there is a lot more for them to benefit from. Here are some of the things women get by smoking weed.

  1. Reduced anxiety

Women are more prone to anxiety than men. That is motivated by a variety of factors, such as hormonal fluctuations. Their brain chemistry is also different from that of men, making them twice more likely to experience anxiety.

Women using cannabis, therefore, enjoy suppressed feelings of anxiety and stress. Smoking weed triggers the cannabinoid receptors of the brain, which are responsible for stress regulation. If you ask around, a good number of the women who smoke weed will tell you they do it to reduce tension.

Just like it is a great stress reliever for males, it is even more needed by women who tend to undergo more stress and anxiety.

  1. It can ward off the risk of developing breast cancer

Marijuana is associated with a reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Cannabis compounds such as CBD slow down the growth of cancerous tumors. Marijuana also reduces the spread of cancer and kills certain types of cancerous cells.

Whether you buy from a reliable vendor or you have planted feminized seeds in your garden, a constant supply of marijuana can protect you from developing breast cancer.

  1. It helps with weight loss

There is no single person that doesn’t want to maintain a healthy weight. For women, weight loss is motivated by being healthy and the confidence that comes with a toned physique. Well, one would think that it would actually cause weight gain since it is an appetite booster.

Cannabis can amazingly do both. How does cannabis motivate weight loss? One of the cannabis compounds, THC, changes the way the gut microbes work. Note that the gut microbes regulate digestion, and consequently, weight loss. Smoking weed can contribute to the reduction of your BMI. However, note that you have a role to play in your weight loss journey by eating right and exercising.

  1. Alleviate insomnia

25% of Americans have experienced insomnia. Some of the people who experience insomnia at a point in their life do not develop long-term issues, but others do. If not mitigated, insomnia could lead to anxiety, mood swings, the general feeling of being unwell, fatigue, and daytime sleepiness.

With time, it could develop into more severe issues like diabetes, depression, obesity, and cardiovascular problems. Marijuana can help prevent insomnia and related issues. Marijuana has proven benefits in enhancing sleep. Smoking marijuana or taking it in other forms helps the user get quality sleep.

Marijuana smokers enjoy more quality sleep compared to most non-smokers, and more so, women.

  1. It is an aphrodisiac

Marijuana is an aphrodisiac, and women who have smoked it can attest that it enhances their sexual experience. One of the reasons is because marijuana alleviates anxiety and other issues that affect one’s sex life.

It also enhances blood flow and also restores hormonal balance. Women approaching menopause would significantly benefit as their sexual functioning is often affected by the biological changes that take place in their bodies as they age.

Marijuana is a libido booster and also improves sex life.

  1. it mitigates premenstrual syndrome 

Women can attest to just how terrible premenstrual syndrome can be. It usually takes place a week or a couple of days before the onset of periods. Sometimes, it can extend a few days into periods and even after.

It is characterized by mood swings ranging from mild to extreme that can affect a woman’s relationships. It also leads to the loss of interest in daily activities, muscle pain, increased appetite, and even fatigue.

Premenstrual syndrome takes place every month, and your quality of life can be affected during this time.

Marijuana is known to alleviate the different symptoms. For instance, period cramps and muscle pain can be unbearable. The different compounds in marijuana are useful for pain relief.

Bloating and nausea are also among the symptoms of PMS, and marijuana can also address them. Smoking weed can go a long way in helping women lead normal lives amidst premenstrual syndrome.

  1. It brings a sense of calm and relaxation

We live in a very hectic world, and it can get crazy for women. They are responsible for managing their households and kids, and at the same time, they also go to work. Things can get frustrating are exhausting.

Relaxation and calm are much needed to live a happy, healthy, and productive life at the end of the day. You can gather with your friends to smoke weed and forget about your responsibilities for some time.

Such responsibilities often lead to burn out and diminished productivity. A break once in a while smoking weed will go a long way in rejuvenating you and preparing you for productive days ahead.


Marijuana has been legalized in many states and has become accessible now more than ever. By smoking quality weed, women can significantly improve their lives. Smoking weed can prevent breast cancer development, which is one of the most common cancers in women.

Marijuana can alleviate anxiety and ward off depression. Smoking marijuana is also a great way to break from responsibilities, relax, and enjoy life. Premenstrual syndrome is among the things that women battle from time to time, and severe PMS cases can affect their quality of life.

Marijuana compounds can alleviate most of the symptoms. Marijuana can accelerate the weight loss process if combined with a healthy lifestyle. Smoking marijuana has provided a solution to most people who have been struggling with insomnia.

Marijuana smoking has tons of benefits for women, and they should consider doing it more often.

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