Benefits of Blue Tansy For Your Skin

Benefits of Blue Tansy For Your Skin


Blue tansy is a flower traditionally grown in Morocco and Europe. The oil from the plant is what gets the most attention, because it has a variety of properties that are nourishing and soothing to the skin. Blue tansy has a sweet, pleasant aroma that’s refreshing and invigorating. It’s a great ingredient to look for in a natural face moisturizer. Here are just a few of the top benefits blue tansy can offer your skin.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is common among people who have acne, eczema and other common skin conditions. When the skin becomes red and inflamed, it can cause pain and embarrassment. Blue tansy is a great answer for skin inflammation because it contains a known anti-inflammatory agent called sabinene. Camphor, which is also found in blue tansy oil, has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

If you’d like to learn more about what could be causing your acne, you can always look at an acne face map. Acne face maps can help you determine if your pimples are stemming from hair products, hormones or other sources. Once you understand the root cause of your breakouts, you can take steps to prevent them in the future. Applying a natural face moisturizer that includes blue tansy is a good start.

Heal Damaged Skin

Whenever you go outside for extended periods of time, you expose your skin to harsh UV rays from the sun. Even small bursts of sun exposure can lead to skin damage over time. The camphor within blue tansy oil has been shown to have healing effects on damaged skin. Applying the oil to your face regularly may help your skin recover from the elements more quickly than it would otherwise.

Reduce Wrinkles

Nobody wants wrinkles, but everybody gets them eventually. How you care for your skin has a big impact on how quickly your wrinkles develop. Thanks to the skin regeneration abilities of camphor and the anti-inflammatory properties of sabinene, blue tansy oil is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It can be found in a popular skincare product from Blume called Meltdown. Take a look at the impressive list of Meltdown ingredients to discover for yourself why so many people use it to nourish their skin.

Calm Irritation

Sometimes your skin gets irritated no matter what you do. From minor burns to insect bites, blue tansy oil may help. There aren’t many studies that show blue tansy oil’s calming effects on the skin, but some radiologists use the oil to soothe skin burns from cancer radiation treatments. Try it for yourself to find out if it helps reduce your skin irritation.

As you can see, blue tansy oil has many benefits. It’s no surprise that it can be found in many quality skincare lines, including natural face moisturizer products. If you’ve been looking for a skincare ingredient that can reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, heal your damaged skin and reduce inflammation and irritation, you’ve found it. As with any skincare product, you should give blue tansy oil a couple of weeks of regular use before deciding whether it’s a helpful ingredient to add to your healthy skin routine.

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