Memorable Godh Bharai or Baby Shower

5 Unique Ideas to Have a Memorable Godh Bharai or Baby Shower


Godh Bharai is the Indian name for Baby Shower and is an auspicious event that is celebrated during the first 3 months of pregnancy. It is among the most awaited events in an Indian Hindu family. “Godh Bharai”, the phrase, literally stands for filling up the lap of a would-be mother with abundance. The occasion is held to wish the would-be mom lots of abundance and joy, and welcome the baby that is yet to be born. Here are 5 unique ideas to have a memorable baby shower or Godh Bharai.

  1. Fun Games

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, you make preparations to welcome your bundle of joy. However, things can be stressful. Everything has to be arranged in the surroundings, and it can be quite stressful for new mothers. But the arrival of a baby has to be celebrated. One of the best ways to do that is with games. You can try a Ribbon Game, getting some rolls of threads or ribbons of varied colors. Every guest has to cut a ribbon piece of the same length, as would be the size of the tummy of the would-be mother. The one who can make the perfect guess and match his / her piece closely would be declared the winner.

The expecting mother will have to write her answers down, which traits the baby is likelier to get from its mother and which ones from the father. The participants have to make a correct assumption of which trait resembles the dad or mom more. The answers have to correspond to those of the mom-to-be. The one who is able to make the most matches will be adjudged the winner. One can also make clay babies, by making a baby shape from a few packs of clay. A clay pack of a different color should be given to each of the guests.

  1. Potluck

In case catering is too expensive in your area, you may talk to your guests and have a potluck. Each one coming to your home will have to bring a delicacy, keeping your favorite foods in consideration – especially the foods loved by the expecting mother. A decadent feast is what Godh Bharai demands, full of deep-fried savory items and sweets. But you may go for a healthier diet theme in which there can be healthy juices, vegetables, fruits that would be complemented by steamed or baked goodies. These can be great for the would-be mom as well as for every guest who comes in. By turning it all into a potluck, you can have the spirit of unity.

  1. Dressing

Ensure that your dress-code is in accordance with the location and the weather. As a traditional ceremony, it will be better for everyone – including the mom-to-be – dressed in a comfortable lehenga or sari. If you are not too formal and the event would be an informal one with just a few friends, a nice evening dress or gown can be a great pick.

  1. Outdoor event

An outdooor “Godh Bharai” ceremony can be a more memorable one. If you love nature and the climate is pleasant, you may try holding the ceremony in the outdoor area – such as your front or back yard, or rooftop. You can choose any outdoor spot that you love, and hold the ceremony in there.

  1. Return Gifts

It is a heartwarming gesture to give each of your guests a baby shower return gifts, which can serve as a token of remembrance. You can hand over a decorative photo frame and later send actual printed photos of your Godh Bharai clicked with them so that they can keep those pictures on the frames. They will cherish the memory for a lifetime. Or you might present some fancy bangles along with some stoles or wonderful dupattas – which everybody loves to put on.

You might want to present aromatic soaps and bath salts to the ladies. Nail art kits, aromatic candle sets, etc are some other fantastic return gifts. You may create a combo set consisting of two items or more, depending on the kind of budget that you have. It will make the event more memorable for you as well as your guests.

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