5 Tips to Help you Choose a Refrigerator in India


Are you looking to bring home your first ever refrigerator and want to make it the right decision by buying the right appliance? You are not alone!

Many people like you buy a fridge for the first time and hence, may not know what to consider.

No matter if you are planning to buy a Hitachi refrigerator, Godrej refrigerator or any other brand, considering tips beforehand will help you purchase the best refrigerator.

You can go through this post and then be on your way to buy the best fridge. All set to know more? Continue reading!

  • Find the right configuration matching your needs

There are many types of refrigerators available in the market, and you should pick one that best suits your needs and lifestyle, including the number of people in your family. Models with freezer above the fresh food compartment are usually the most energy efficient fridge, but even the smallest. But, opting for French door models provide you with more room for wide platters, but you may find the doors tricky to close. You may also find it tough to find smaller items as freezer drawers are deep and large. Buying a side by side model gives you easy access to frozen and fresh foods. But, storing large shaped items may be difficult as both compartments are narrower. They are a nice choice if you want kids to find things from the fridge and the freezer easily. They are also ideal for someone in the house using a wheelchair. Models with base drawers can also help you to store items that don’t need refrigeration such as onions and potatoes. Side by side models works best if you have an extensive family.

  • Choose between the single door and double door fridges

You will also need to choose between a single door and a double door Hitachi refrigerators or any other while buying. A single door refrigerator is what you will find in most Indian households as they are perfect for suiting the needs of a couple or a small family comprising of 3-4 members. On the other hand, you can opt for a double door refrigerator if you have a large family of 5 or more members. A single door comes with manual defrost option. You will need to push the defrost button to defrost the fridge. On the other hand, a double door fridge comes with the frost-free operation.

  • Look for energy stars

While buying the Godrej refrigerator or any other brand, you will find that it will contain Star Ratings. The Star Ratings are allotted to a fridge as per its capacity to save power. The higher the energy stars, the better the savings on the power bills. You should ensure to get a fridge with at least 3 Stars while buying it as it will help save up to 25%. You will be able to save more if you choose a model with more stars.

  • Check the space where you want to keep the fridge

While bringing home the refrigerator, it should be your duty to check the space where you want to fit it. The area (people keep fridges in their kitchen mostly) should let the fridge’s size pass through the kitchen door comfortably. Once you set it, you should also ensure to keep the space between your fridge and the wall. It will help the fridge not consume a large amount of power, leading to higher electricity bill amounts.

  • Use your new fridge smartly

The compartments in your new fridge are available for a reason, and you should use it. The crisper drawers and meat lockers work well to preserve meat and vegetables. What should be the one compartment that you should be avoiding – the butter dish! You should store daily and quick to perish items in the main fridge compartments. It is because the fridge top is the warmest place in the refrigerator cavity.

You can now implement the discussed tips to buy the latest Hitachi refrigerator or any other brand and use it smartly.

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