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Top 5 Barriers For International Students To Study Abroad And How To Overcome Them


Education is one of the principal rights of a human being and people have been known to cross great heights to get the knowledge they want. Closer to home, there are several countries where the quality of education is not at par with international standards. To those students who want to have the best education, the colleges of the foreign countries are one of the best options. Incidentally, the country of Australia is a major destination for overseas students. According to the recent stats, 21% of the total students attending a university in Australia are from foreign countries. However, the transition from the known environment is not easy for all the students. There are several barriers; some situational, and some concerning other important factors. This is seen to happen even in the Best College in Australia and requires the identification of the reasons.

What are the barriers?

The barriers or the issues faced by an overseas student pursuing Vocational Courses in any one of the known Colleges in Perth are somewhat similar to the problems faced by the students of other institutions as well. It is quite normal that an overseas student will feel a little “fish out of the water” in the new situation, but are known to quickly recover and get assimilated among the like-minded crowd. However, in some cases, it may take a little time. The students coming to study in Australia should be open-minded and take pleasure in learning about a new culture. The common five problems that the overseas student faces during the study time in Australia can be itemized as;

  1. Culture shock

One of the first things that happen to overseas students is the sudden exposure to modern and seemingly relaxed culture. Especially for students who have, till date, lived in an orthodox environment, this open and easy relationship among members of both the sexes can be a shocking disclosure. This may lead to an imbalance in the acceptance of the new culture, and if not acted upon, could result in isolation.

  1. Language problem

This is another serious problem that overseas students constantly face. According to a study about Australian educational institutes like any of the Perth colleges, there are students who cannot understand the language of the country, leading to poor performance in class, and subsequent bad results. Some have even commented that they cannot participate in the discussions because of this language barrier.

  1. Financial trouble

Almost every student has faced this problem. Student life is usually frugal, and money management becomes essential to meet the expenses. There are course fees, food cost, accommodation, technology, tuition fees, and thereafter any recreation budget can be thought of. For overseas students, this becomes a real problem.

  1. Feeling melancholy

This barrier is also quite normal. A student must feel a longing for his or her home, and it is quite common for someone to feel homesick. After all, it was a place the student was living all these years. For overseas students, this can be a real issue.

  1. Time Management

The universities and colleges in Perth can have a study system different than that of known to the overseas student. The courses require intensive work, study, and time for completing the assignments, and it is a common event to see foreign students struggle with time management and selection of a routine.

The solutions

The life of a college or a student at a university is really hard. They can pursue specialized courses, vocational courses, and even Diploma management or diploma in hospitality management courses in any of the institutions of Australia. The problems are more or less universal and the solutions are also easy; the only thing they need us a little attention, will to work harder and go to the required distance.

It should be remembered that the chance of studying in such a country is not so easy, and therefore, rather than backing out in face of the problems, they can apply the following pointers to get by these barriers. The resolution that can be applied by the students for the above-mentioned barriers can be listed as;

  1. Try others point of view

The student must remember that it is not their home country, and the treatment and practices are different from their experiences. It is silly to expect the same rituals in the environment of a foreign country. The student should practice looking through another person’s point of view. They should learn and be open-minded about their experiences. Studying in such a vast cornucopia of cultures will be really helpful in this problem, and also provide the student with an extensive view of the world.

  1. Speak more

The barrier of language is difficult to overcome but not responsible. The student should not be afraid to ask questions if they do not understand the lecture; there is absolutely no shame in asking, again and again, rather teachers welcome it. Additionally, the students can enroll in a language class to learn the details of the medium of study. Usually, the university provides such classes for overseas students.

  1. Try part-time work

The general rule to manage money is to stop unnecessary spending and getting only that is really important and required. The foreign students should note that the cost of living is more in Australia than in other countries, therefore, for students with a somewhat specified budget, overspending should be checked and a budget should be in place. In addition, the overseas student can find part-time work, which can ease up the burden and also make for a source of income.

  1. Make friends

To combat melancholy and homesickness, the student should engage in volunteer work, make new friends, and explore the place. In general, keep a positive attitude.

  1. Prioritize your tasks

This is the best way to manage the time allowed to the students. The overseas student can make a task-list according to importance, and then complete it one by one. They should try to give less time to social media and other recreational activity.

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The overseas student shall choose an institution like the Skills Australia Institute, where all of these barriers are treated with a humane approach. Contacting them can be helpful in crossing the barriers and getting a good result.

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