Documents Requirement For Student Visa Subclass 500


Are you a learning aspirant and dreaming to study as an overseas candidate in Australia, then you also need to apply for the right kind of visa in the proper and expected way. But doing the same is not as easy as it may seem. The applicant needs to undergo a lot of official processes prior to procuring the applied visa in the best possible manner. And when it comes to choosing the right kind of student visa amongst all, the Student Visa Subclass 500is undoubtedly the finest option to go with.

How to apply?

If the student wants to apply and thereby obtain the aforesaid visa in the proper and expected way, then he/she has to comply with a lot of official procedures and then only he/she will be able to procure the concerned visa in the most appropriate manner. Not only this, but there are also a number of documents which the candidate needs to submit in the most authentic way that finally leads to the hassle-free procurement of the student visa subclass 500 without having to face any further issues. So, why worrying so much if you are wishing to study abroad, especially somewhere like Australia. Simply apply for the aforementioned visa by submitting all the authentic documents duly and make your dream come true.

What are the privileges that Student Visa Subclass 500?

When it comes to getting the privileges of the Student Visa Subclass 500, it actually allows the student to stay at Australia permanently while studying at a recognized college or university in Australia. Apart from this, if the candidate has a few family members who are eligible enough to accompany the candidate all the way to Australia will certainly get the permission to do so. And since this particular visa allows the learner to pursue their chosen course from any of the recognized universities or colleges, the student will also get a great opportunity to find a permanent job there accordingly.

To be even more particular, no matter from which possible part of the world you are applying for the aforesaid visa, whatever the facilities that come under the same will be provided to each of the candidates in the proper and expected way. So, if you are also one of those who is finding it way more difficult to study at their own nation and find Australia as a way more positive alternative to pursue your course with, then all you need to do for that is to apply for the visa subclass 500, by contacting an efficient Visa Agent Perth nearby you and apply for the same accordingly.

What are the documents that will be required?

Well, when it comes to the submission of the documents, the Department of Home Affairs displays a great deal of stringency while the applicant is submitting all the required documents. A few of those documents can be considered as follows:

  1. Proper Identity

When it comes to submitting the most substantial proofs, you need to submit documents like the driver’s license, birth certificate, national identity card along with a photocopy of your passport to name just a few.

  1. Proof that shows the authenticity of your academic program

This is one of the most substantial documents that the candidate needs to submit at any cost. He/she needs to submit accordingly a few of the documents that will prove his/her substantiality of the academic program he/she has applied for.

  1. A valid health insurance

Again this one of the most important credentials that the candidate needs to present to the related visa organization from where he/she is applying for the same. The concerned health insurance must cover the factor of OSHC which means Overseas Student Health Cover. If the health insurance is not included with this aspect of OSHC, then the applicant will not be considered eligible   to apply for the Subclass student visa 500 in any possible way.

Moreover, the applicant will be required to mention the policy maker’s name as well as the commencing and the concluding dates of the OSHC based health insurance, but the registration number of the insurance will not be needed in any case. To the best of suggestion, you must obtain the inclusion of the OSHC factor along with your policy at least a week before commencing with the application procedure.

  1. Documents proving your financial solvency

Being an overseas candidate, you also need to submit some documents to the immigration department that will prove that you are financially stable enough at the moment and that you can study and reside for the particular time-frame in Australia, without having to face any sort of monetary crunch. A few of those documents can be considered below:

  • Any of the documents that will prove that you are financially capable enough to afford all the tuition fees, the living expenses as well as the expenses related to the living during the entire period of the 12 months when you will be studying there.
  • Also, documents like financial loans from any institution, evidence of governmental loans or that of a monetary deposit document all come under the section of financial evidence.
  • Also, a letter of support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Defence to name just a few.

  1. Qualifying the health examinations

When you are applying for the student visa subclass 500, you must also undergo a few health exams and will have to crack each of them successfully. And in any case, if you are found with any kind of severe illness, then you will be denied permission for doing the application. To the best of suggestions, it’s better to take up the health examinations before the actual application process for the visa starts.

  1. GTE

GTE is basically considered as a pre-requisite that will be required by you to submit to support the documents you are submitting as well as the fact that you are going to study temporarily in Australia and will definitely come back to your own country after the course is over. The application has to be done from your end only even if you are applying for the same through the means of an adept Perth Migration Agent.

Now that you know these factors, it would be easier for you to get a visa subclass 500.

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