What Features do Event Management Apps Should Have


We all love to go out, enjoy some concerts and have fun with our buddies. Vacaying in some country or in the hometown is another weekend plan made by many of us. The high demand for things like attending a concert, attending a show or making a visit to some other place brings in a lot of opportunities to event planning mobile app development companies.

 Event planning apps are the best way to know about the nearby concert, show or the details of the upcoming festival in the town without relying upon papers and leaflets.

This way, it will not be wrong to say that technology is actually a great deed and a boon for society too in many ways. Things like knowing the schedule of a show, a concert was earlier made possible through pamphlets, stickers, newspaper ads, radio shows, tv reporting, etc. has been revamped by event management mobile applications.

With the basic understanding ready, let us now understand what features can be added in event management applications in order to make your applications stand out in the market-

                        Features to be added in Event management applications


If you want users to start using your application instantly, it is mandatory to offer them an easy registration process. Make sure to offer users options that can make them sign up to the app through phone numbers, email address or any social network sites. The offering made additional advantages to the business as social network logins help in sharing events along with creating a virality app loop for the business and promotion of the brand too.

 Also, offering the option of profile picture interest users a lot.

Up-to-date Event feeds

There might be a number of events happening around the town and chances of users getting lost in the long list of events is very high. Also, not finding the exact event details can make a user uninstall the app or mark it unuseful in the app store.

In such a situation, APIs are the real savior as they can aggregate, rank and personalize event information in real-time as per the interest of the user.

The interest of the user is important but neglecting location can make the app useful to the users. Hence, make sure to add the search bar offering the options of events nearby or location. In short, the app should also be location-centric too. Also, for making the app more powerful, integrating the geolocation API or Google Awareness API is another helpful tool.


Users do not want to look at things that do not add value to their queries. Also., they don’t have time to look up at every little thing to reach to the final query.

To make things sorted and clear, separate columns for events is mandatory. For example- to make things sorted, offering the category of concerts, movies, shows, festivals and any type of events should be included. Adding filters can filter the overall query of the user such as event type, artist, price, location, date and time.

Also, adding a number of features in the app will ultimately result in the overall cost of developing an event-based application.

Payments gateways

For letting users book event and purchase tickets require the need to add another feature called third-party services like Stripe, Braintree or PayPal.

Also, the option of canceling, reordering and refunding the ticket amount should also be there in the app.

Push notifications

There are many an instance where user completely forgets about the details of the event. In such a situation, ensuring that the user is getting timely reminded of events will create a positive impact on the user.

Sending notifications to the users like informing them about sales, discounts, special offers, recommendations, etc is the best way to engage users fully without letting miss their favorite event at any cost.

And there is so much that can be added to the event management event. Adding great features to the app can attract a number of users but what to consider when working on the event discovery app is equally important.

 These are just a few important features that should be included in the app and there are more in the list to be absolutely used. Before going ahead with the same, make sure to add ease, flexibility, and great UI in the app too.

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