Common Electrical Mistakes

Common Electrical Mistakes Homeowners Make

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Though electrical work is well inside the ability of the normal homeowner, it is absolutely important to do it right. Taking shortcuts might end up in electrocution, short circuits, and even that of fire.  After seeing how people do electrical wiring and all stuff at home in movies or programs, people follow them without much thought and end up with dangerous outcomes.

You know so many electrical related problems emerge in a space because of wiring mistakes. Of course, you have got the best power cable wire manufacturer to get you the finest wires for your space but what is the point if you fix it wrongly or take a short cut and lead to a short-circuit? Following are a few common mistakes that people repeatedly make.

Not making use of a Junction Box 

Unable to install a junction box is maybe the hugest mistake that the homeowners make. Also known as an electrical box or connection box, these inexpensive devices guard electrical connections while containing heat or sparks   should a short circuit emerge. Installing a steel or plastic box adds a step when placing in a new outlet or light fixture, but the main cost of the box is just a few pennies.

Installing Box behind Drywall 

Just installing or placing a junction box does not really promise safety. The box should be fitted in a proper manner so it’s flush with the drywall. Otherwise, flammable materials—such as wood get exposed to possible sparks. In case the junction box is sunken too far into the wall, right the problems with an inexpensive box extension.

Overcrowding a Junction Box 

You know to cram too many wires within a junction box is not just risky and dangerous, but it is also against National Electrical Code. Moreover, the plastic junction boxes are printed with their approved volume; you could have to calculate the capacity of a steel box on your own. Increase the height, depth and width of the interior to find the volume to decide in case it is the correct size for your project.

Cutting the Wires Extremely Short 

You know it is important that you leave sufficient slack so wires extend at least three to six inches from the junction box. To do the task right, you might require sufficient wire to strip in an adequate manner, connect securely, and fold over inside in the box. In case you find that you have already cut wires too short, it is important that you splice and add there an extension.  In this way you can be on the safer side. Remember that the wires that are extremely short do trigger poor connections and form up a potentially risky situation.


Thus, once you have purchased the right and good quality wires from wire manufacturers in India, make sure that you keep into mind these discussed points. You should stay away from these common mistakes. After all, what is the point if your hurriedness or negligence put your life or the life of anyone in the family in risk?

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