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Recently, Baptist Medical plaza and of its doctor unveiled the installation of seven medical-grade Medify Air purifiers which are brand new. The air purifiers are believed to be effective in protection against pathogenic infection around the community. The medical company opened again after extended closure of operation due to the pandemic outbreak forcing lockdown everywhere, and it has been following CDC protocols. However, this air purifier was added for protection sake against any infection that may cause complication.

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To complement on recommended measures for protection against the Covid19 pandemic, the medical firm and its doctor decided to add the air purifier to complement the use of nose mask, sanitizers and nose shields. The medical firm management has explained that the installation of the new machine was done to protect patients, staffs, security and for the doctor safety.

However, the introduction of air purifier seems to be the most reasonable thing done by the firm because Covid19 is airborne. Previously, patients are being screened when they come to the healthcare centre, but people can be asymptomatic, so the presence of air purifier can help prevent any outbreak. However, what makes the air purifier very important is the aerosols which Covid19 infected patient carries that can quickly transfer the infection to another person. However, this won’t be a problem anymore, because air modifier is now everywhere.

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All the purifiers are highly useful to the extent that they can clean up toxin and pollutants from the air within 15minutes. Also, they do not leave out any iota of bacteria and virus when they are being used. The medical firm has assured patients no one will bear the burden of extra cost because of the purifiers’ procurement, but, their presence is to ensure everyone’s safety. They also said the company of the air purifiers would only improve their experience using the medical centre.

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