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On websites like Furnituremama and any furniture store in Gurgaon, the pieces of furniture look stunning. Everybody wishes to have a house that looks like it was designed by an interior designer hired to do the job. But since that is an expensive thing to do and not everyone can afford the high fees of the designers and pricey pieces of furniture, most people design their own homes according to their tastes.

The aim is to make the house functional, efficient, and at the same time, stylish and pleasing to the eyes. To most people, designing homes comes from within. For others who do not where to start but are looking for the best designs for their houses without the help of any designer, they can follow the following tips.


The designing and organizing of all the rooms in a house does seem like an intimidating task. So, a visual plan or inspiration is required that will suit the needs and taste of the person. The most common source of inspiration for most people is the ‘pins’ on Pinterest. Pinterest offers a plethora of home décor ideas that suit all kinds of budgets. People can look for their preferences and decide what furniture and artifacts they want to buy.

Home décor magazines are also a good way to seek ideas and inspirations. They also mention the stores, online and offline, where one can buy pieces of furniture.

Color schemes

Once you have figured out the style that you want to style your house in, it is time to decide the colors that you would want in your house. The color choices are very personal and reflect the general atmosphere and mood of the house. Pick the colors that you relate the most to. Whatever colors you choose, make sure that all are complementing each other. In other words, the paint on the walls, the floor, the fabric of the furniture, and every other shade and hue, every color should have synergy and none should stand out and look out of place. the thumb of rule is to go for three colors and shades- one for the main color for walls, one for couches and chairs, and the last for small accessories like pillows, cushions, etc.


For people going for just one color scheme, the texture is an important element that should not be overlooked. A room may look like it is a simple color scheme but on close inspection, many textures of fabrics and textiles can be seen. Textures give the room a warm and rich environment and can go as far as foretelling a person’s personality. Even the dullest room can be brightened up by using the right textures.


A common mistake that most homeowners make is that they add to many spindly pieces in a single room. This creates clutter and confusion for the eye. A good mix of large and small pieces of furniture will do justice to the room. Moreover, the size of the furniture should be according to the size of the room. For example, a small room that could only fit a two seater dining table will appear cluttered if a four or more seater dining set is placed there.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, accessorizing the room is also important. The right flower vases, cushions, pillows, etc. will add a subtle charm to your charm. Paintings and side pieces also attract the eye. The importance of proper lighting- natural or man-made- should not be overlooked.

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