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Homes play a crucial role in the identity of Australians. Every aspect of a home is vital to give the perfect homely feeling, and so are the walls. Painted walls are usual in every household in Australia. However, there is removable wallpaper available in the market, which gives a much more stylish effect.

There are a lot of limiting things that make paints very restrictive. Wallpapers are self-adhesive and reusable, made of polyester fabric. It gives them a canvas-like texture and prevents them from getting ripped or wrinkled. The wallpapers add to the effect of the interiors in a house. This article gives you a clearer idea of the possibilities of a wallpaper.

There are only three procedures to have the best wallpapers to be installed. They are

  1. Pick up a design– This can be quite a process as there are too many to choose from all the wallpapers in the market. The designs consist of botanical styles, floral, artistry, concrete or even marble. There are even provisions for customised wallpapers, which has become a trend now. The varieties also change according to the rooms, style and colour. The masterpieces of famous artists can also be turned into a wallpaper of your liking. There is also provision for samples to be sent to your home to try out their suitability. Wallpapers are very affordable and easy to use, above all, stylish and versatile.
  1. Prepare– There has to be a lot of preparation before going forth with the installation of wallpapers. First, measure out the size and shapes of walls and order your preferred wallpapers, accordingly. Then, follow these steps to prepare the walls well before the installation. The first step is to make sure that the wall is free of dust, lint and dirt. Cracked surfaces, picture hooks, and existing wallpapers should be removed or repaired before this. Then the wall should be smoothened, primed and painted with absolutely zero surface variation. It is better to use a glossy or semi-glossy acrylic paint to prep the wall if the intention is for wallpapers. Avoid oily alkyd primers and paints that have a flat or matte finish.
  1. Installation- The wallpapers can be easily installed. It does not need glue for sticking or steam to remove. It can be easily installed by just peeling and sticking on the wall. There are only fewer requirements like dry cloth, knives, a ruler, scissors and a ladder. The process is easy, and the effort taken is very less. First, choose the panel and mark the points on the reverse of the wallpaper. Then peel the backing sheet from 10cm from the top. Then line up the top edge with the ceiling from the left side. Use a dry cloth and move it smoothly down the panel. Remove the bubbles using the dry cloth and finally straighten the edges and trim the excess wallpaper from the end.


Thus, removable wallpaper is easy to install and brings out the best in styling a room. The installation can be a family activity that can be made memorable. Moreover, they are affordable and easy to manage and very forward in design.

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