VLSI internship

VLSI internship in Bangalore for freshers


VLSI (huge scale joining) is the present degree of PC microchip scaling down and alludes to microchips containing the huge number of transistor s. LSI (enormous scale joining) implied microchips containing a large number of transistors. Prior, MSI (medium-scale combination) implied a microchip containing several transistors and SSI (little scale joining) implied transistors during the tens.


VLSI companies in Bangalore for internship is one which gives industry situated courseware and preparing on VLSI and Embedded frameworks, utilizing vital foundation which is as near an industry domain.

VLSI companies preparing on VLSI and Embedded System is bestowed by industry experienced workforce with many years of industry experience.

The attention must be on taking care of issues utilizing programming and not programming preparing.

VLSI internship in Bangalore has directed corporate preparing for organizations like NXP, Cisco, ARM, Mentor Graphics, Wipro and Synopsys.

RV-VLSI projects have a decent blend of modules which spread the total structure ventures from RTL to GDS.

VLSI Programs

  • a half year full time leader program in VLSI

Participative and Experiential Learning Model

  • 25% time spent on hypothesis
  • 75% time spent in Labs and Real Life Projects
  • Access to Semiconductor Technology
  • Work and Learn in EDA Tools utilized by the Industry
  • Corporate Practice Environment
  • Best situation oppurtunities in VLSI Companies.

Preferences of VLSI:

VLSI has numerous preferences:

  1. Decreases the Size of Circuits.
  2. Decreases the viable expense of the gadgets.
  3. Builds the Operating velocity of circuits
  4. Requires less control than Discrete parts.
  5. Higher Reliability
  6. Possesses a moderately littler region.

Employments of VLSI :

In this day and age VLSI chips are generally utilized in different parts of Engineering like:

  • Voice and Data Communication systems
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • PCs
  • Business Electronics
  • Cars
  • Medication and some more.


Course Features

  • ASIC & FPGA design methodologies
  • Training and Internship
  • Advanced Logic Design
  • FPGA Architecture
  • ASIC Verification Methodologies
  • HVL : SystemVerilog
  • HDL : Verilog
  • Assertion Based Verification: SVA
  • UVM
  • Three Mini Projects
  • Industry Standard Project
  • Scripting Language : Perl
  • Operating System – Linux
  • Xilinx – ISE

Internship Projects

  • AHB2APB Bridge RTL
  • PCS Subsystem RTL design
  • SPI IP core RTL Design
  • UART IP core RTL Design
  • AHB UVC – Master agent in UVM
  • AHB2APB Bridge Verification in UVM
  • UART IP Verification in UVM
  • AHB UVC – Slave agent in UVM
  • GPIO Verification in UVM
  • PCS subsystem IP Verification – UVM
  • AXI UVC – Master agent in UVM
  • I2C Real Time Clock IP design
  • ICPIT Verification in UVM
  • AXI UVC – Slave agent in UVM
  • SPI IP Verification – UVM

Elective Modules

  • LP – Low Power VLSI Design
  • DFT – Design For Test
  • AMS – Analog Mixed Signal

EDA Tools

  • Mentor Graphics
  • Xilinx
  • Aldec

Why join VLSI RN? (Very Large-Scale Integration – RTL to Netlist)

An advanced VLSI chip is a surprisingly unpredictable mammoth: billions of transistors, a great many rationale doors conveyed for calculation and control, huge squares of memory. How do specialists figure out how to plan and confirm these muddled chips? This requires profound comprehension and hands-on understanding of Industry significant chip plan and confirmation abilities for example SOC, CMOS, RTL Design, Verilog HDL, FPGA, SystemVerilog and UVM. We offer restrictive preparing on the specialty and high sought after chip structure innovation alongside Internship through Advance VLSI Design and Verification course.

VLSI companies in Bangalore for internship course comprises of brilliant live classes and hands-on training in a proportion of 30:70. Soaking up the techniques in the class and applying them in through lab assignments and ventures bond the ideas until the end of time.

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