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Tips to Master the Art of Building Professional WordPress Websites


WordPress is a common name in web development. As such, it does not need an introduction. Almost everyone who has an interest in the development of websites knows a thing or two about it. As much simple as it seems on the surface, it is equally complicated in terms of its vastness.

WordPress developers are well aware of its immensity No matter how brilliant one is at using it, knowing everything about it may necessitate a Herculean effort. To overcome this challenge, website development professionals use some handy tools, tricks, and tips to simplify matters for themselves.

This post will shed some light on such aspects. A good understanding of the concept will enable you to make an informed decision while hiring a web developer for developing your WordPress site.

Want to be in command of WordPress? Fortunately, it is possible. All you need to do is follow some simple rules given below.

1. Choose specialization over comprehensive knowledge of WordPress?

If you try to measure the extent of WordPress, it would come across as an ocean of knowledge linked to web development. With several concepts as well as plugins, it is replete with both simplicities as well as complexities. For an individual, it is next to impossible to grasp everything about both on their own.

Even as you desire to know everything about WordPress, and you follow it by action, you will only be able to remember a little by the end of it. Therefore specialization can help you more than attempting to know a little about everything. Moreover, with this approach, you will be able to better focus your mind on a specific aspect in detail.

2. Master WordPress with code academy or a similar online tool

Given the vastness of WordPress, you will need to keep up-to-date with all the modern developments. One way of doing it is to use the internet as your learning forte. As it abounds with Code Academy and other online courses on WordPress, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

 You can either go for free or paid resources. Choose whichever option suits you the best. But make sure you are comfortable with your chosen option. If required, do not hesitate to take time to come up with the right choice.

3. Grasp the basics of WordPress by going through WordPress Codex

WordPress offers tremendous scope for customization. You only need to know the basics of programming to explore its various possibilities. WordPress Codex is the resource of information with which you can do this with finesse.

If you go through it systematically, you will be able to cover a lot of ground for WordPress fundamentals.

4. WP Beginner

On the internet, there is no dearth of websites for knowing the ins and outs of WordPress. But there are only a handful of websites that lets you learn it without much difficulty. WP Beginner grabs the top spot among such online resources. If you are a beginner or are someone who is seeking options to enrich your knowledge, then this website has all that you are looking for.

Other than covering the basics of WordPress, it also has showcases, opinion, news, and programming guides. These are also equally rich sources of information. At the elementary stage, you can rely on these resources to brush up your understanding further.

5. WP Mayor

WP Mayor is the advanced version of WP Beginner. If your fundamental knowledge is strong, the way ahead for you would be to scale up your knowledge. WP Mayor has an advanced level of features. Though it also has the same set of resources as the version for beginners, it offers valuable insights into the next level of web development.

For instance, you can get more information on RSS Aggregator, enhance the loading speed of a page, and the selection of the right plugin.

6. Genesis Framework

If you are testing waters on your mission to learn WordPress, you may not find it simple and easy to customize WordPress plugins and build websites on your own. Still, the Genesis Framework will help you with this if you wish to march ahead to build WordPress websites on your own,

Not just beginners, those who have been using WordPress and wish to enhance their knowledge can also make use of this excellent platform.

7. Thrive Themes

Do you have wonderful ideas that you want to bring to life on your WordPress website? Do you wish to transform your site into a marketing channel? If your answer is yes, then Thrive Themes is the right choice for you.

Final thoughts

If you want to build a WordPress website, you can either rely on your abilities or hire WordPress developer. The aforementioned tricks, tips and resources will guide you through to build a top-notch WordPress website on your own.

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