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How to Monitor Staff and Workers Remotely with Cell Phone Spy App


Do you monitor your workforce during duty hours? If not, you are letting them to kill their working hours getting engaged in unproductive activities. The entrepreneurs around the world keep their workers under supervision to track, manage and boost their productivity keeping them from unnecessary doings. The most advanced tool to supervise workers’ activities inside and outside the workstation is the cell phone spy app. Many large and medium scale business organizations have been taking support of spy app to keep a secret eye on the performance of their working staff. This article discusses how this high-tech app can be used to supervise employees remaining anywhere in the world.

Role of Employee Monitoring App

The use of surveillance cameras to watch out staff working inside the workstation is known to everyone. The latest technology has replaced these cameras with a mobile phone app. It is like putting a supervisor or camera on each worker to closely watch out their every single movement. The cell phone spy app installed on company-owned digital devices goes one step forward in giving a clear insight to employer about performance of employees. Remaining anywhere in the world, they can find out what their workers are doing, speaking or even typing. The employee tracking software has provided great support to employers in preventing their workers from wrongdoings and malicious activities such as harassments, gossips, data breach and unauthorized transfer of company data.

How to Supervise Workforce with Tracking App

We have explained here some features of a high-tech cell phone spy app TheOneSpy to help you understand how the tracking app facilitates business community.

Monitor Internet Use

Do you know how your employees use the company internet? The surveys indicate that most of workers misuse the internet doing unproductive acts such as online shopping, updating personal social media accounts and watching explicit videos. This badly influences productivity of workers keeping them engaged in needless acts.

The employee surveillance app allows watching out internet usage of workers. It provides access to the internet browsing history of company-owned internet-connected devices. It includes browsing details of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The browsing detail of workers helps you find out the frequently visited unproductive websites. You can block access to these websites to restrict employees from surfing the web unnecessarily.

Keep a Check on Communication

It is important to keep a check on workers’ communication with co-workers, higher authorities, current and potential customers and third parties. The conversations of employees may include harassing stuff, inappropriate information or sensitive data. It is compulsory that you supervise their messages calls and emails to prevent them from any wrongdoing.

The mobile tracker app for android smartphones provides access to incoming and outgoing emails, SMS, MMS and IMs of workers. You can read their group chats and thread conversations right from the web portal of the tracker app. The app also allows listening to phone calls received and made by your staff through monitored smartphones. It records all incoming and outgoing calls and enables employers to retrieve these calls from the web portal.

Watch Out Social Media

Do you know what your workers post on social media about your company? The displeased workers are found to spread false information about the organization to defame the company or to discourage co-workers and customers. The tracker app lets you find out what your workers post on most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. You can also read their chats made through social and instant messengers including WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Snapchat, Kik, IMO and Yahoo messenger.

Track Traveling Workers

It is assumed that traveling employees enjoy more privilege because their working cannot be supervised effusively. The spy app for android enables employers to closely watch out activities of remote and traveling workers. They can ensure that their traveling worker execute the assigned task without spending time on personal chores. The app shows the current GPS location of your worker and also provides detail of tours made.

There is more you can do to boost productivity of your working staff with the help of cell phone spy software. Click here to know more about the employee tracking app.

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