Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant: All the information you need to have


A hair transplant is a process in which a bald person is transplanted with hair follicles. A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery. Hence, there are no insurance companies that help you with financial support in this surgery.

Having a hair transplant is a very big decision. So, before going for a hair transplant, you are expected to know some important things. This is good for hair harmony and you. Let’s have a look at these things.

What is the expected cost for a hair transplant treatment?

  1. The expected cost for hair transplant treatment is around $4000 to $15,000. This cost is up to lakhs in the Indian currency.
  2. The hair transplant cost also depends on the type of surgery, number of grafts going to be transplanted and many more.
  3. Hair transplant costs can vary from clinic to clinic. If you are going for a clinic with low reviews and ratings, then the costing should be definitely low. But if you are going for the best transplant clinic the price can be high.
  4. There are so many best clinics of hair transplant in Mumbai. Hence, a few of them help you with financial support also by giving you different types of packages.

Which is the most suitable age or the most suitable people who can go for hair transplant surgery?

  1. Most suitable age:
  2. There is no suitable age for surgery. People can go through hair transplant surgery at any age.
  3. But if the patient is below 18, they need parents or guardians along with them.


  1. Most suitable people:
  2. People having good donor hair can easily make plans for hair transplant surgery. But before going for the surgery, you should always consult the surgeon- if t is good for you or not?
  3. People suffering from scars or any kind of hair burns or head injuries are suitable for this surgery.
  4. You should have perfect wedges for the treatment.
  5. If you are facing genetical baldness, then also you can go for the surgery.
  6. If you are searching for hair transplant clinics, then you should go and consult a clinic of hair transplant in Mumbai. Because Mumbai is having the best hair transplant clinics.

What should you check before going for the hair transplant?

There are so many things that should be checked by you before going for surgery.

  1. About the clinic:
  2. You should check the ratings and reviews of the clinic you selected.
  3. Should check if they are having a professional team of surgeons or not.

  1. About the doctor:
  2. You should check that the doctor you are selecting is well qualified or not. You can ask the portfolio for the surgeon.
  3. You should ask the old patients whether the surgery got successful or not. Where there any complications after the surgery?
  4. Finding the right doctor and place is good for hair harmony and you.

  1. About the treatment:
  2. Before going for the surgery, you should properly consult the doctor. You should ask them if the surgery is good for you or not.
  3. Should ask them about the complications, costing, medications and many more.

What are the things that hair transplant surgery involves?

There are two types of hair transplant surgery. Both of them are very much effective and successful for growing new hairs. Both of the hair transplant surgeries are done under local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain. Let’s discuss these 2 surgeries.

  1. FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery):

STEP 1: Firstly, the doctor will cut a strip of the scalp.

STEP 2: Then the surgeon and their team will divide that strip into smaller fragments known as grafts. Each graft consists of 1 to 4 hair each.

STEP 3: Then the grafts are transplanted to the bald sites of the scalp.

STEP 4: As soon as the surgery is complete, the transplanted site is covered with stitches and then bandages.

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):

STEP 1: First, the doctor will shave your hair. Then they will make tiny holes on the scalp.

STEP 2: After that, the site is incised with hair and is covered with bandages.

These are the brief procedures for both hair transplant surgeries.

What are the side effects and complications that can occur after the surgery?

  1. Side effects:
  2. It is very common after a hair transplant to have a tight, achy and swollen scalp.
  3. You can also see temporary scabbing on the sites of hair transplants.
  4. A single scar of so many tinny scars can also be seen.

  1. Complications:

A hair transplant is very much safe. But if proper care is not given to the patient after surgery complications can occur such as:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Pain
  3. Edema
  4. Swollen scalp
  5. Infection
  6. Allergies and many more.

How to prevent the scalp from complications after hair transplant surgery?

  1. You should take proper medicines after the surgery, till the time the doctor says that you are Ok.
  2. You should follow all the things that the doctor told you to do after the surgery.
  3. Should not comb or brush your hair.
  4. You should sleep with a flat pillow at night and the temperature should be less than 45, to prevent sweating.

These are the important things that will help you in preventing complications after hair transplant surgery.

Before going for hair transplant surgery, you should make research for each and everything. If you are finding a hair transplant clinic, then go and search for a hair transplant in Mumbai. Mumbai is having the best hair transplant clinics.

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