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Breaking into investment banking straight out of college is not an easy affair, and certainly not, when you are similar to others, in terms of acquired skillset at college. And hence, a need for some sort of differentiation. You need to establish yourself as an individual who is unique, and who brings in something extra to the table. Or else, you will be lost in the crowd.

So, what is it that can offer you a distinct competitive advantage, that will make you unique as a talent? It’s the skillset investment banking firms look for, and not just the regular skills that each candidate is carrying with him to the interview table, but industry-relevant skills that separates you as a talent, from others.

As an MBA/Masters degree-holder in finance, looking for your first break into investment banking, it becomes critical to gain some added, or advanced, skills in the industry domain you are going to be a part of. And hence, the investment banking certifications.

And not just any certification, a comprehensive one that prepares you for a rewarding career in banking, and that has a global reputation and recognition attached to it.

A Few Stats That Conform to a Spate of Bank Job Openings Coming Soon

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we will be witnessing a 10% increase in the number of job vacancies in the finance industry by 2024. And as per the ‘2020 Salary Survey’, the demand for banking professionals will remain strong throughout 2020. 

Banking and insurance sectors are expected to perform well this year. Lat year saw a spike in demand for banking professionals in the roles of accountants, internal auditors, insurers, and risk managers. The said trend is forecasted to continue this year too. 

COVID Did Pose Threats to Job Openings, But Soon the Economy Will Revive

As per Statista, the globally-renowned German market research firm, the first qaurter of 2020 saw 49,000 investment banking employees active at the twelve largest banking firms worldwide, which has gone down 5% lower compared to the previous year, because of COVID spread. However, as soon as the economy revives, the banking sector is expected to be among the first to revive.

What’s important at the moment, right now, is that aspirants prepare hard for the upcoming openings in the global job markets in the investment banking sector. And, there could be nothing better than spending this lockdown time on acquiring a banking certification that would help throughout your career, and not just breaking into the said sector. 

International CIBP Certification for Graduating MBA/Masters Individuals

CIBP, or Chartered Investment Banking Professional, is an international credential in investment banking best suited to graduating finance individuals, and early-career professionals in banking. The certification prepares you for an illustrious career in banking, alongside instilling diverse banking skills in you that comprise underwriting, banking advisory, financial and trading analysis, sales, and M&A.

It’s an international qualification to acquire, for successfully undertaking complex banking roles at the top banks in the world. CIBP develops you as a valued candidate for sophisticated banking roles, and improves significantly, your job-readiness, apart from offering a distinct competitive advantage in the intensely competitive job market. 

CIBP’s Cutting Edge Knowledge Framework (IBANX™)

The international certification follows the world-class IBANX™ knowledge framework, which makes it even more desirable for recruiters while hiring into entry roles. Being acquainted with CIBP refers to having proven knowledge of advanced techniques and tools applied in financial analytics and business decision-making in the banking sector.

Program Candidacy Tracks (Eligibility) 

Track 1

Masters/MBA in either investment management, private equity, accounting, financial analysis, portfolio management, or related subject disciplines with a minimum of two years of work experience in investment banking, private equity, M&A, financial engineering, or a related domain. 

Track 2

Bachelor’s degree in either investment management, accounting, private equity, financial analysis, portfolio management, or a related subject discipline with a minimum two years professional experience in industry domains, such as M&A, private equity, financial engineering, investment banking, or a related domain.

Track 3

Students of Master’s program/MBA in B-Schools accredited by IBCA (Investment banking council of America) or any other global accreditation body, like EQUIS, AMBA, & AACSB. 

Track 4

Currently employed in one of the finance sub-functions along with a bachelor’s degree, topped by an active CFA credential or other global certification accepted by IBCA. 

The CIBP™ Digital Badge

Digital Badge

Sample CIBP Badge (Emulation – not a copy of the original)

Source: IBCA official website

The CIBP™ credential is issued digitally after your successful qualification for the same. It allows you to share the said credential on professional sites like Linkedin, among others. One can showcase his industry-relevant banking skillset with pride on digital platforms, assisted by the digital CIBP badge issued to you, electronically. 

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