Graffiti and Street Art

Check out the work of best street artists in Australia


You will be great to know that the present age is the golden age for urban artists. Many people are getting chances of showing their talents. This is a good thing as people are getting a chance of exposure. You can put forward or bring before the masses your creativity. The scope was much limited during ancient time. In this case, Australia is a place where you can observe or find a number of street artists. You can find them anywhere in the streets of Australia. This is a great one.

Best things about street artists in Australia:

Australian Graffiti street artists are the best one. You will feel nice if you get the history of Australia on the walls. This helps the masses to know about any event in a much better manner. It will be a great feeling to know or gather good information about some of the noted artists.

So, without wasting any more time let us proceed into the main part of the discussion.

Charlie Isoe:

He is one of the most noted street artists in Australia who is known as the last Bohemian. He poses some extraordinary talents and that makes him different from the other people. His paintings stirred the whole nation. People are crazy about their paintings. People of other continents also prefer his artistic work and he is praised for his work.

Fintan Magee:

He is also described as “Australia Banksy”. He creates various types of unique art that are different and lovely. Magee took birth in Queensland and started his career as a painting right from his early life. Magee created some amazing artwork and that made him special.


Askew1 is a self-made person and multi-talented person. He has some unique qualities that are not present in the case of other artists. He has been attached to this profession for about 20 years. He is always passionate about his work and aspires to explore everything. His innovative painting has always been found in the streets and sometimes in the fine art galleries. You can find ample places on the streets of Australia where the large walls are filled with his painting.

Ben Frost:

He is a witty and great artist who was born in Brisbane. He is presently living and working in Sydney. He is widely known for his innovative creations. He is always engaged in drawing inspiration from wide areas of the street including graffiti, collage and other places. Some of his work is so nice that you can’t leave the place.

Above-mentioned are the names of some street artists who have gained good fame and reputation because of their creativity and amazing works. You must know it very well that painting is the only form of art that helps you to express your feeling and state of mind. It is the perfect way of showing or forecasting your feeling for anything. It may be the events of your life or similar other things. You should always cherish and observe the street works of the artists in Australia.

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