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Analysis of the Popular YouTube Downloader apps


How is it possible to download YouTube videos on to an Android phone? Which is the best app that helps to achieve this endeavour and how much space you need to store these videos on to your mobile phone? If you happen to be a window user you can save the videos on to your PC. But as the number of YouTube users are on the rise you would a definite need for installing a YouTube downloader on to your Android phone. Let us explore some of the popular YouTube downloader apps on your mobile phone.


It is one of the popular downloading apps that is being searched on the various app stores. As a user you can download videos directly from YouTube at a fast speed along with superior quality. This app is also known to support videos from other platforms.

In case if you prefer only the audio version then it is a perfect option to download it as an MP3 file. When you are installing this app, safety appears to be one of the most points of consideration as you are concerned about the safety of your device. Also keep in mind that when you are downloading this app it should not be on Google play as there are many fake versions of the app. Just make sure that you go on to download it from the official website


A simple interface is one of the notable features of this app. The best part about this app is that there are no user ads and provides a unique experience. Since most of the operations seem to be straight forward, anyone using it for the first time would face minimum difficulty. It goes on to do a great job when you are downloading it from YouTube in terms of video resolutions and formats.

In addition have an in built browser you can steam videos directly from the site. Short cuts are provided to the videos that need to be downloaded as it is possible to copy paste the link and incorporate it on the search bar. Once you have decided to download a video you just need to click on the white arrow that is located on top of the screen. Here a couple of options are presented whether to download audio or video files. Both these formats have different qualities and you can choose one as per your needs.


Out of all the apps it is rated to be among the popular ones. Always opt for vidmate app download install new version because the out-dated versions may ensure you lose some features. In this app you can download videos as per any quality parameters and the videos can be downloaded with great speed as it could be even 200 % higher in comparison to the other apps in the market. In order to ensure that your phone is secure you need to download videos only from secured sources as the codes can be secured with passwords.

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