5 Letter Templates Every HR Must Use


Templates are one of the most time-saving tools for every HR. For those of you who don’t know, templates are the pre-formatted documents that can be used in place of writing the whole document or say letter from scratch. There are many appointment letter template and offer letter template available for HRs to use but the real question is which templates are really necessary and which ones are not. Which can be used and which will need a lot of iterations?

Honestly, not all the templates are going to be useful for you. However, there are several templates that you can surely use to save time and mind. In this blog, we tell you the letter document templates that you must use. Let us begin.

  • New job opportunity mail template-

One of the first emails that a recruiter sends is that of a new job opportunity. This one email is quite repetitive and usually sent to masses collectively or separately. No matter what the case is, a new job opportunity mail template comes handy. However, these templates can not be common for every job profile. Different job profiles have different responsibilities. So, make sure you have one template ready for every job profile or department. You would be required to just change the experience, eliminate a few responsibilities or add one or two more. Apart from that, everything will stay the same.

  • Interview confirmation mail template-
    Now after a recruiter has sent an email for the opportunity they have, the recruiter is supposed to call or coordinate over mails for the interview and take confirmation of the same. While other emails can differ depending on the conversation, the template for interview confirmation can be used as it is.
  • Offer letter template- Now after the interview has been done, some candidates would be shortlisted and some would be rejected. So, for the ones who have been shortlisted, you roll out the offer letter. A template with the necessary details like the last date to accept the offer letter and the date of joining, the documents required from the candidate etc should be mentioned.
  • Feedback email letter template-

The step to give feedback to the rejected candidates when they ask for it is also necessary. So, a template for that should also be used by you. You can have to templates, one for good interview but some other reason of rejection and the second can talk about a candidate whose skills were not found aligned or as good as the other prospects. According to the situation, one template can be chosen and sent to the candidate.

  • Appointment letter template-
    This letter template is given when the employee has joined the office and mostly after the probation period has been completed successfully. Now again you should either have different templates for different profiles or have different descriptions ready. The same can be inserted in the basic appointment letter template making the employee permanent in the company.

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