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Which One to Choose between Push notifications and SMS?


Sometimes we get queries from mobile companies just related to which channels are the best to employ to get connected with users.

Unavoidably, our reply is: employ the channels that your users select! And, if you do not recognize which channels are those, you should request them.

Though, there is a huge sum of bewilderment and head-scratching when we talk about the difference amid push notifications and SMS. That is: when should an advertiser select one over another?

Selecting push notifications vs. SMS is difficult. There are definite conditions when one is more successful than the other. So, how are these 2 channels different from each other, and when you must use push notifications vs. SMS?

SMS Notifications

It is the previous text messaging method that depends on mobile phone transporters, cell towers, and physical devices to get an SMS from sender to receiver, no WiFi required. Just a mobile phone carrier signal and a mobile device.

Text messages are seen to be more dependable than other types of communication.

You can use SMS for…

Imperative Details

When a service provider delivers you an SMS, it is the best bet that the detail you have been given is significant. Think: banking notifications, weather alerts, or a doctor’s meeting reminder. If it would affect a user’s finance, physical condition, or individual safety, employ SMS!

Time-Sensitive Details

If you require sending details that should be acted upon, then SMS is the way you can go.

Transactional Details

Ultimately, employ SMS for things that are transactional. Think: delivery notifications, package tracking alerts, even billing notifications.

You can’t Use SMS for…

Reference Information

Don’t employ SMS for details that a user would require referring to in the prospect. This involves receipts, set up rules, and other helpful information.

Anything Extended

Also, don’t employ SMS for long-form text. SMS are restricted to 160 characters.

Definitely you may string them jointly to deliver an extended message. But why reimburse for the additional text SMS when you could deliver the same information via email for free?

What’re Push Notifications good for?

Promotion Notifications

If you are proclaiming a discount, deal, coupon, or sale, then push is the way you can go, specifically, if you are having an e-commerce application.

Suggested Content

Push alerts are the ideal vehicle for suggestions and recommendations. Think: recommending the latest movie for users to watch, a novel place to visit, or a new eatery to try.

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You Can’t Use Push Notifications for…

Reference Details

As push notifications characteristically disappear once the user steals them away; they are even more transitory than an SMS. This creates push actually a bad selection for delivering information that the user requires referring afterward.

Extended, Verbose Messages

Again, push notifications are precise. Something further than a sentence or two, and the text message gets discontinued. In some mobile phones, you may not even be capable of reading the complete message after clicking to it! So, be succinct!

In general, when deciding amid SMS vs. push notification, favor for messages that:

  • Are vital or influence a user’s security
  • Are time-responsive (e.g., appointment alerts, flight postponement, event postponement)
  • Are transactional in temperament (e.g., delivery or tracking notices, billing reminders)

And employ mobile push alerts when you require to:

  • Market the newest deals or discounts
  • Deliver text suggestions
  • Tell again the user to take an action
  • Proclaim something novel
  • Instruct users about a feature

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