Telecom Industry

Digital ID Verification – A strong defense for Telecom Industry

Back in 1973, the very first mobile – by Motorolla – was introduced in the consumer market. Since then, stepping into 2019 now we are heading towards 5G networks. Now, with the explosions of mobile phones and smart devices, the telecommunication market is highly saturated having extreme switching rates. The network operators are trying their […]

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Top 5 video downloading apps available on the 9Apps

9Apps is an alternative play store application which allows its user to download wide range of apps and multimedia media content free of cost. Apps can be downloaded without creating any account on the 9Apps store. One can find a number of video downloading and streaming apps on 9Apps. Top 5 video downloading apps available […]

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How To Download And Install Vidmate To Get Entertainment

In the present world, most people consider using the latest video downloading application to get their favorite content without any complications. There are different choices available for getting media content, but people can use vidmate for downloading different videos in various resolutions. It is considered as the best entertainment option. It is a well-known application, […]

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Big Data Analyst

Top Skills that Will Garner You a Job as a Big Data Analyst

Most of us have an idea about who a data scientist is, but we may still stay confused between a big data analyst and what are the skills required to be one. This ambiguity increases once these roles are mapped with the responsibilities and the skillset. As a data analyst, your core responsibility includes working […]

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Laptops to Tablets to Smartphones

Change in Trend: From Laptops to Tablets to Smartphones

If you are a tech-savvy person, then you may have experienced a change in the trend from laptops to tablets to smartphones. The form of technology has changed over the years and for good. Earlier, you don’t need to open your laptop, get it connected to the internet, and open the browser, a website to […]

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