sms or push notifications

Which One to Choose between Push notifications and SMS?

Sometimes we get queries from mobile companies just related to which channels are the best to employ to get connected with users. Unavoidably, our reply is: employ the channels that your users select! And, if you do not recognize which channels are those, you should request them. Though, there is a huge sum of bewilderment […]

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SEO, Content Marketing or More? The Best Atlanta SEO Company Offers All

Let’s imagine you’re a businessowner having an online website but your sales aren’t really good. So, what would you do? Obviously, you would do some research initially to know how you can boost your current website’s search engine rankings, traffic and sales. While you will explore the search options for the same, you will realize […]

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Telecom Industry

Digital ID Verification – A strong defense for Telecom Industry

Back in 1973, the very first mobile – by Motorolla – was introduced in the consumer market. Since then, stepping into 2019 now we are heading towards 5G networks. Now, with the explosions of mobile phones and smart devices, the telecommunication market is highly saturated having extreme switching rates. The network operators are trying their […]

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FD Calculator: Calculate FD Interest Rates and Maturity Amount 2019

Before investing, you must know the amount that you are supposed to get upon the maturity of your investment. It is essential because it assists you in planning your finances and help you in building a robust investment portfolio. To earn good returns without being associated with market risks, many people prefer to invest in […]

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